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Avoid Home Problems Before You Buy

Example photos of real problem when choosing a home.
Some can be fixed, some can't.




Water heater exhaust flue pipe in contact with asphatic shingles. Flue needs 1-inch clearance to combustible materials as stamped and listed on the flue pipe.


Pearland - retirement community - This furnace flue cap was too small for the flue diameter and just waiting for a wind to come by and blow it off so water can flow into the furnace. This passed the builders 3rd party private inspector and city.


The water line coupler on a water heater with galvanic corrosion which is a prelude to leakage. Homes are not maintenance free.


Brand new home inspected by private 3rd party builder inspector with his fancy inspection sticker posted on the door to this garbage disposal. Notice the green ground wire cut off by the electrician. This food waste disposer was not grounded.


Safety cut-off switch was forgotten to be installed in this gas furnace. No quality control.This swicth is supposed to cut off the gas furnace if it over heats or has a fire inside.


League City. Look close. This is a water heater and chemicals installed inside the return air of a central HVAC system. This is a real good way to start a fire or kill people. Never fear though. The clients real estate agent's husband is a HVAC contractor and he said it was grand-fathered. Ha-ha!

This has never been allowed and there is no grand-fathering of anything could will kill you or burn the house down. Fortunately the buyer was smarter than the real estate agents HVAC contractor husband and knew it was wrong and walked on the deal as it was too much money for her to correct.


The famous Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) Stablock panel box. A 1980's product with a latent safety and fire hazard.


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