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Coastal Home Inspections

Born on a barrier island out in the Gulf of Mexico. Raised on the coast with a rich family history back to the 1800's. I know coastal homes better than anyone. Coastal homes are different than inland homes and constantly assaulted by a corrosive environment and increased wear.

I welcome you to learn more about our services and why we are the inspection company of choice for coastal area homes.  Services we offer: 

• Home Inspections

• Infrared Thermography

• Leak Detection

• Bulkhead Inspections

• Dock and Pier Inspections

• Deck & Stairs Inspections

• Vacation Rental Inspections

• Second Opinion Inspections

• New Construction & 1-year Inspections

• Residential Construction Consultant & Specifications

Advantages of Using Our Service:

• We are the most qualified and experienced inspector out there and a full time residential building expert providing our clients with the most extensive and informative home inspection services available. We are not a simple Texas Real Estate Commission licensed inspector with no experience or credential requirement. We do not provide a cheap or empty work product.

21 + years in the homebuilding industry and with nationally accredited inspection certifications. We are the one you want on your side when inspecting an existing or newly built home.

Home builders, general contractors, remodelers are not licensed in Texas. Anyone can be one.

We inspect properties with you; not for you so your presence is important. We do not ask (or demand) that you NOT be present as many volume walk-through inspectors do. We want your input and be able to discuss your expectations.

Stunning credentials ..... click here

• An A+ track record

• Preferred inspector for quality orientated builders when they have a problem or serious warranty claim

• Comprehensive Reporting and Photos

• Quick turnaround

• FBI & State Background Checked, Licensing, and Insured

• Locally Owned - Non-Franchise or a Sub-Contract (newbie) Inspector for a Volume Inspection Company that only markets to and depends on sales agents

• Free Consulting After You Buy

• Reports done the same or next day and much more...

Advanced Scheduling is Important

Important Note: Texas or TREC does not certify inspectors. Only a business occupational license is issued. Inspector associations have a certification designation used for marketing as long as you are a member and pay dues.


What We Do Not Inspect:

Fixer Uppers

• Property for Flippers

Bulkhead Inspections

Galveston Geographical Information

eProperty Sales Monitoring and Alert Service - FREE-

Texas A&M Geographical information

Reduce Hurricane

Texas Windstorm Insurance

Galveston Central Appraisal

Windstorm -WPI-8... click

Home Watch, Storm Watch &


Need Windstorm in Galveston or Brazoria?


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Code Certified


ICC/IRC Combination Code Certified R5 Inspector - 5188826
(ICC) Residential Building Inspector
(ICC) Residential Electrical Inspector
(ICC) Residential Mechanical Inspector
(ICC) Residential Plumbing Inspector

Southern Building Code Congress International
SBCCI Combination Code Certified, Legacy

County (IRC) Building Inspections - Texas HB2833

Texas Dept. of Insurance
Residential Property Inspector 16708061031

Texas Real Estate Commission
Professional Inspector

Texas Real Estate Commission
Licensed Continuing Education Instructor for Inspectors 23

Texas Real Estate Commission
Qualified Sponsoring Professional Inspector

Texas Residential Construction Commission Inspector
Combination Code Certified, Dispute Resolution Inspector; Legacy

Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association #435 -MI

Coastal Inspections; Bulkheads, Piers, Docks, Boat Houses

Member of International Association of
Certified Home Inspectors - InterNACHI 

InterNACHI - Certified Property Inspector (CPI)

InterNACHI - Certified Home Energy Inspector

Infrared Thermography Certified

Builder 21+ years


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• Alvin Home Inspections • Houston Home Inspections • Treasure Island Home Inspections

• Surfside Home Inspections • Freeport Home Inspections • Galveston County Inspections

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County (all counties) IRC Construction Inspections

Providing professional real estate home inspection service in Galveston, Harris, Brazoria counties and area communities. Houston home inspection service area includes: Galveston, South and East Harris, East Fort Bend and West Chambers counties including the communities of League City, Friendswood, Pearland, Texas City, LaMarque, Dickinson, Sienna Plantation, Riverstone, San Leon, Bacliff, Kemah, Clear Lake Shores, Taylor Lake Village, Pasadena, Deer Park, LaPorte, Shoreacres, Seabrook, Hiitchcock, Santa Fe, Alvin, Manvel, Danbury, Liverpool, East Baytown.
Construction consulting, construction inspections, phase inspections.

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"Thank you so much for being an awesome person! You are a very thorough inspector and will be forever used and recommended in the future."
T & J - Pearland

"I inspect homes too but I wanted you to inspect mine"  
T.T. - Houston

After all these years of buying homes this was the first time I felt I knew what I was buying with your inspection" 
Dr. J.E. - Pearland

"The inspectors I've seen in the past do not provide even a percentage of what you provide"  V.M. - League City

"I wanted to thank you again for your detailed inspection
and excellent reports."
J.M. - Pearland

"On my last house the inspector told the agent that everything will be fine. The house wi
ll pass. The problem was he told her that before the inspection even started. I wasn't going to use that kind of inspector this time".
M.L. - League City

""The builder said he wouldn't have sold me the house knowing it was going to be inspected. I want to know what they are hiding".
H.N. - League City

"After your recent inspection of a one year old "as-is" foreclosed builder home we requested structural repairs. The bank saw the photos and the references to building codes and opted to repair than give thousands of dollars in price cuts; the leverage of your report gave us the stronger position."

S. P., Kemah

"Hey Jim, just got back from the walkthrough with your report in hand. They pretty much didn't give us any lip about any of it -- the dryer booster fan and framing stuff included -- I was really surprised.

Nonetheless, I have to say this is the first inspection I've had that I really felt was worth the money -- thank you so much for all of your insights; the came in very handy today, and I suspect that they will continue to do so for warranty and maintenance issues in the future.

Thanks again, and we'll be sure to recommend you to anyone else buying in the area."

J& M, Sienna Plantation


I wanted to drop you a brief note to tell you that, surprisingly, they took care of every issue you documented. And did it with a smile.

On the day of our walk through, they had a few contractors back to work on some items. One was fixing the larger heater unit. One was working on the fixing the side building foundation issues and the other literately was removing all windows and carefully remounting and then checking to ensure they were sealing correctly on the top (per your suggestion).

They carefully went over your list and showed me what they had done to fix (even things like the messy breaker box job outside).

Your inspection was priceless Jim. Best money I ever spent.

I feel sorry for anyone who purchases a home and doesn’t get an inspector of your caliber.

Thanks again for all of your help.



Inspection Standards

How Was Your Inspection?

If your inspection doesn't or didn't clearly pay for itself maybe you had the wrong inspector.

If your inspector knows nothing about coastal construction (Galveston, Brazoria, Chambers, part of Harris, etc.) requirements then what is he or she looking for?

Take the Challenge


Resale, new construction,
1-year warranty inspections, maintenance inspections

Home Inspections since 1989; New

In February 2009, Texas adopted a upgraded inspection standards of practice which according to the state "that more accurately reflect current technology, codes, and practices that form the basis of many of the standards." There is no grandfathering based on the age of the property.

Texas does not require inspectors to be code certified so look at qualifications before you hire one.


See if any inspector
is code certified for free. Most are not as certification is not required by the state to have a license here

Who's inspecting
your home?

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