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What We Love to Inspect

New Built or Under Construction Homes. We are good at it.

Home builders and contractors are not licensed in Texas. We are one of the very few that is full building code certified and with actual home building experience (21 + years) . Having only a TREC business license is just not enough but some make it out to be a big thing. An inhouse faux certification from a trade association is for marketing purposes. Those are not a state, federal or nationally recognized certification. Only ICC certification is recognized and you can verify those credentials.

To be clear (The fiil-in-the-blank City) is not the toughest city to build a home in. That boast is used statewide by almost all builders.


Phone: 281.337.4052

Normal Hours

Monday - Friday: To 6:00 pm

Weekend by scheduled appointment only

For Windstorm Inspections call:


Observed Holidays/Weekends

We are closed on the following Holidays:

New Year’s Day (Jan. 1st)

Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)

Independence Day (July 4th)

Labor Day (First Monday in September)

Thanksgiving Day (Fourth Thursday in November)

Day after Thanksgiving Day

Day before Christmas and Christmas Day (Dec. 24th-25th)


If you have trouble with English please have an interpreter.

Estimated Inspection Time & Policy

Unofficial statewide polling indicate that the average inspection time on a home up to 2800 sq.ft. takes 4 - 4.5 hours if it was maintained in order to meet the minimum inspection standards of practice. This excludes report writing which can be as long sometimes or longer. As such the better inspections start in the morning to allow ample time to inspect and write the report. Add more time for homes over 10 years old or unseen conditions. In the summertime it becomes too hot and unsafe to inspect attic spaces that may reach 140 degrees for the required time so morning inspections are the best. If you are not present you do not know of the inspector actually went into the attic.

There is a lot to learn from an inspection. If you are not present you do not know what was looked at or how long it took nor able to ask questions.

Research indicates that people spend more time selecting and comparing computers and cars than they do on the largest financial investment of their life (the home) and then tend to have some measure of buyer remorse. If you cannot be present at the inspection of the largest financial investment there are many high volume inspector types promoted by the sales industry that would prefer you not be present that are available.

Our policy is to not inspect a used/resale home unless you are present as we provide educational inspections as well as for security and safety reasons. We cover a lot of maintenance and information. If you schedule an inspection and do not show we will leave after a grace period if we have not heard from you.

There are business licensed only inspectors (TREC) that do 12-15 inspections a week and only allow 45 minutes to one hour per 1,000 sqft feet which is leaves no time for report writing. The industry we deal with indicates that this is much less than the time of normal inspections and complaints may be expected to increase ex-ponentially. In 2016 claims have greatly increased for the volume inspectors.

What We Do Not Inspect

Homes with aluminum wiring

Fixer Uppers*

Flip Houses*

Stucco Homes**

Water Wells and Septic***

- We do not quote a cheap low fee to make it look attractive to bait you and then provide a "soft inspection" for the referral agent. Until you see a complete inspection you will never realize that short "soft" inspection is about as good as another kind of tissue paper.

Our policy is to not inspect a property unless you are present as we provide educational inspections. We want you to know about the property and be able to answer your questions. We also want you present for security and safety reasons. We cover a lot of maintenance and information that is not in an inspection report so bring a note pad and camera.

We have had one buyer in 2016 arrange an inspection and not show because she was told by a (mistaken) commissioned sales agent to show up at the last 30 minutes. WRONG. We waited over an hour and left. She also stiffed the termite inspector. When she called 3.5 hours later to find out where we were we were gone. When two people have an agreed appointment and one doesn't show the inspection is cancelled. If one is not interested in attenduing the inspection we are not interested in the inspection.

*Fixer uppers need a contractor, not a visual home inspection. This would include the late night TV get rich house flippers.

**Any inspection you get on a stucco home will certainly find "something" in order to refer you to a so-called stucco specialist in order to relieve the inspector of liability. Read the fine print. We do not inspect stucco.

*** We have not figured out how to inspect something buried in the earth to which we cannot see. If inspected by a home inspector as an add on profit maker read the fine print. They didn't either. You don't learn much in a 8 hour Saturday class on septics given by one that is not a licensed water well or septic specialist. A home inspector cannot inspect up to the level of a licensed water well or septic contractor who are specialists. Read the fine print and protect yourself. I'd rather be honest and pass than provide fine print.

ICC/IRC Combination Code Certified R5 Inspector - 5188826
(ICC) Residential Building Inspector
(ICC) Residential Electrical Inspector
(ICC) Residential Mechanical Inspector
(ICC) Residential Plumbing Inspector

Southern Building Code Congress International
SBCCI Combination Code Certified, Legacy

County (IRC) Building Inspections - Texas HB2833

Texas Dept. of Insurance
Residential Property Inspector 16708061031

Texas Real Estate Commission
Professional Inspector

Texas Real Estate Commission
Licensed Continuing Education Instructor for Inspectors 23

Texas Real Estate Commission
Qualified Sponsoring Professional Inspector

Texas Residential Construction Commission Inspector
Combination Code Certified, Dispute Resolution Inspector; Legacy

(Nationally) Certified Master Inspector, CMI
Master Certified Inspector Certification Board, Inc.

Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association #435 -MI

Coastal Inspections; Bulkheads, Piers, Docks, Boat Houses

Member of International Association of
Certified Home Inspectors - InterNACHI 

InterNACHI - Certified Property Inspector (CPI)

InterNACHI - Certified Home Energy Inspector

Infrared Thermography Certified

Builder 21+ years


Residential Construction Inspector & Consultant

Real Estate Inspection Audits & Litigation Support

National Author - "Understanding and Complying with Title X in Real Estate"; (Public Law 102-550, October 28, 1992); ©    copyright 1996, James L. Hime, CSI, EAC; Library of Congress ISSN 1090-6789 [Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992]

National Speaker, Environmental Assessment Conference; Las   Vegas;
Co-Speaker, U.S. EPA; Niton Corp.

National Speaker- National Assn. of Master Real Estate   Appraisers; New Braunsfels, Tx (Property Condition and Environmental)

U.S. Kelly AFB, San Antonio, Tx; X-Ray Flourescent Spectrum Analyzer Training, Niton Corp.

UTMB Health Science Center, Occupational Training/Instruction;
X-Ray Flourescent Spectrum Analyzer



Home Inspections since 1989; New
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