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Dangerous Electrical Breaker Panels
Are Still Commonly Found

Dangerous or faulty electrical breaker panels are still very much commonplace in the Houston/Galveston regions. We see them on homes that were previously inspected by some independent inspector.

We hear from electricians we consult with that replace these panels when an event or fire happens the electrician tells the owner their inspector should have caught it when they bought and I agree.

Your inspector has a 4 year minimum liability for this safety problem (and many other standards of practice issues) so if you have one of the panels listed below call an electrician immediately. You can also send me one or two digital images no larger than 640K size. If your inspector missed it then he has a problem.


• Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) - "Stab-Lok" Breakers. There is not a competant inspector on the planet earth that doesn't know about FPE panels. These panels are so dangerous we will not remove the face cover as they may be held in place by the face cover and pop out if the cover is removed. Not good.

Information on FPE's ... click here

• Zinsco Electric (Panel and Breakers) and Sylvania
e.g. GTE Sylvania, Zinsco

Information on Zinsco & Zinsco
Sylvania panels and breakers ... click here

• Bulldog & ITE Pushmatic

Information on Bulldog &
ITE Pushmatic panels ... click here

• Westinghouse Panels ...

Edison Fuse Panels (Obsolete. Check with insurance company)

Dangerous Electrical Corrosion

If you live on the Gulf Coast or the Bay you should check for corrosion inside ANY electrical panel that would exacerbate a fire. You can never be sure if your home inspector actually removed the face cover to inspect as he is required to. We show every client what we see so there is never a question. We even take photos in order to be clear in our reporting for your behalf.

Every year you should inspect the panel for corrosion. I have seen brand new installed panels with corrosion that is not allowed by the National Electric Code.

There is a way to protect a newer panel or electrical components from corrosion but no one wants to pay the cheap cost to do it and all it does is cost them money in short life replcements.

Electrician Licensing

The state of Texas did not require state licensing of electricians until 2005 and then "grandfathered" them in.
Obviously there are electricians that should not have a license and there are contractors out there doing electrical work who are not licensed.

Your average home inspector (TREC license only) appears to have demonstrated little knowledge of electrical systems. Electrical systems is one of the largest of item reportings sections in an experienced inspectors inspection.

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