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Thank you for visiting. Jim been inspecting in the Houston & Galveston coastal areas for over 20 years and has over 21 years of homebuilding experience. Jim personally performs every inspection and does not have novice sub-contract inspectors you know nothing about.

JimTruckWe don't use a pre-designed checklist because you can't pre-determine problems or property condition. Those type inspections limit the inspection to only that on the self-made checklist to help spend less time at the inspection.

Our long-standing and proven inspection protocol provides you with a much more understanding of the property, its condition, the systems, and the kind of maintenance it needs. If you want to know property condition call Jim. Other inspectors, builders and sales people call us for their own homes.

There are huge differences between home inspectors and reports. Like all professions or trades, the majority are rather mediocre. A percentage are spectacularly bad. An even smaller percentage are very, very good. Call Jim today. Jim is often the first source for other inspectors and builders for questions and answers.

Jim is available to answer questions about your home at any time after the inspection. Even years later. Can you remodeplumbingbootcracked2l? Had storm damage? You’ve got a friend you can consult at any time.

Jim is so confident he'll satisfy your needs and save you money, he offers the following guarantee:

If you're not completely satisfied with our work at the end of the onsite inspection, you owe us nothing!

today and schedule!



    Thermal Infrared Imaging
Our infrared camera offers a non-invasive means of monitoring the condition of buildings providing on-site high-resolution thermal imagery, revealing potential structural and moisture issues as well energy efficiency issues. It takes at least a 320 resolution camera to be effective. Cheap cameras abound. If you can't calibrate to and see the drywall nails then it is a cheap camera.




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What's Important


With us you’ll know what’s about to wear out. A 10 year old home with the original roof, water heater, appliances, and heating and cooling equipment may  cost you more than $20,000.00 over the next few years. It may not be such a bargain unless you prepare and budget.  Click here


From Dallas to Houston to Galvesto are reports of pipe leaks due to damage by rats. Your inspector should look for trails and holes in your attic insulation. Insulation should be smooth and level. It’s estimated that more than 20% of all house fires that are labeled “unknown origin” are caused by rodent damage. Rats and squirrels loved to chew on things.

What's the Difference? Experience and Tools


Wall and ceiling with a standard home inspection

Same wall and ceiling with our inspection. See the A/C water on the ceiling running behind the wall?

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You need at least a 320 resolution infrared camera or it's smoke and mirror. There are hordes of cheap thermal infrared cameras. They are used for "smoke and mirror" gimmicks by the TREC inspectors because you don't know better. Now you do. The cheaper cameras will not identify water or rats in the walls. IF YOU CAN'T CALIBRATE TO SEEING NAILS IN THE DRYWALL THEN THE CAMERA IS SUBSTANDARD. We verify all anomolies with a physical moisture detector instrument as the infrared standards require. Cameras only indicate, moisture detectors confirm!


Much More Than a Simple TREC Inspection License


ICC/IRC Combination Code Certified R5 Inspector - 5188826
(ICC) Residential Building Inspector
(ICC) Residential Electrical Inspector
(ICC) Residential Mechanical Inspector
(ICC) Residential Plumbing Inspector

Southern Building Code Congress International
SBCCI Combination Code Certified, Legacy

County (IRC) Building Inspections - Texas HB2833

Texas Dept. of Insurance
Residential Property Inspector 16708061031

Texas Real Estate Commission
Professional Inspector

Texas Real Estate Commission
Licensed Continuing Education Instructor for Inspectors 23

Texas Real Estate Commission
Qualified Sponsoring Professional Inspector

Texas Residential Construction Commission Inspector
Combination Code Certified, Dispute Resolution Inspector; Legacy

(Nationally) Certified Master Inspector, CMI
Master Certified Inspector Certification Board, Inc.

Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association #435 -MI

Coastal Inspections; Bulkheads, Piers, Docks, Boat Houses

Member of International Association of
Certified Home Inspectors - InterNACHI 

InterNACHI - Certified Property Inspector (CPI)

InterNACHI - Certified Home Energy Inspector

Infrared Thermography Certified

Builder 21+ years





Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents, Time Share Interest Providers,
Home Warranty Companies, Real Estate Inspectors, Easement and Right-Of-Way Agents

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Providing professional real estate home inspection service in Galveston, Harris, Brazoria counties and area communities. Houston home inspection service area includes: Galveston, South and East Harris, East Fort Bend and West Chambers counties including the communities of League City, Galveston, Friendswood, Pearland, Texas City, LaMarque, Dickinson, Sienna Plantation, Riverstone, San Leon, Bacliff, Kemah, Clear Lake Shores, Taylor Lake Village, Pasadena, Deer Park, LaPorte, Shoreacres, Seabrook, Hiitchcock, Santa Fe, Alvin, Manvel, Danbury, Liverpool, East Baytown.
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Real Estate Home Inspections

Resale, new construction,
1-year warranty inspections, second opinion inspections

Home Inspections since 1989; New

Construction Phase Inspections

Learn about your home before it gets covered up. If your inspector is not ICC building code certified you are throwing away money.

The dark spots are water inside the wall on a one year old production builder home. This is not uncommon. A wet/dry cycle can happen for years causing damages.

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Almost every house, no matter how recently or expertly built, is a money pit. The Wall Street Journal study that found it may be cheaper to buy a new or fully remodeled home every 10 years than to deal with the mounting repair problems of an aging home. Read More

Resale Estimated Cost of Repairs: generally figure 3/4 of 1% of the sales price for each year age of the property for repair and maintenance.

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Nationally we are in the top percentage as a 2011 national survey showed that 82.2% of home inspectors are not code certified (building and mechanical).

How Was Your Inspection?

A good inspection should pay for itself many times over. Inspections are simply night and day between inspectors. Inspections and fees are also not the same due to experience and education as well as the level of inspection you want. A cheap inspection initially sounds good but is commonly a waste of money. TREC inspectors get a business license and automatically become an expert in nothing.

The state does not certify any private inspector. It only issues a business license.
Some inspections may not be worth the money and you still have potential untold safety and financial hazards. Some buyers may not have a chance to get a good inspection as the results may be pre-arranged via a hand picked list of inspectors given them.

If your inspector is not IRC code certified then they have no knowledge of code violations or construction defects. Code certification can take years to obtain through testing. Some may hide behind false standards they cannot substantiate or document. More than a few we come across do not even own code books.

The professional inspectors provide a source reference for each opinion of condition.

With thousands of inspections performed we hear time and again my clients say "I wish I had hired you the first time."

Meeting everyones expectation is challenging and may be impossible for some so if you want a detailed comprehensive inspection they are available.

Take the Challenge

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