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Litigation or Second Opinion Support

The building, buying and selling of houses can sometimes be a contentious business, often leading to conflict. When the condition of the property is in question a third-party is necessary to help sort it out.

In most cases, the inspection report content is tailored for your specific needs and we must know beforehand the scope of the work and what information to include.

In the last 4 years there has been an explosion of real estate sales in Texas and lots of money being made. It's a dog eat dog business. The human resource end has been torn apart to meet the volume by any means necessary. Buyers and sellers are steered to facilitate a closing as fast as possible. The only claim to being an inspector is to take some courses by a for-profit school, pass a test, take 16 hours of continuing education a year with no testing requirement and pay the state an approximate yearly fee of less than $100.00. The quality, experience and talent is not plentiful.

If all a person has is a simple TREC license then they are not qualified. They are not an expert and do not have the credentials.

We are recognized as one of the most qualified, detailed, thorough and credentialed real estate inspectors in Texas by our peers, builders and the few top real estate professionals. You will not find us on a pre-determined sales agent list when you purchase property. We actually inspect and follow the standards. We do not accept all work. Like others we need to pre-consult in order to make a decision as to our ability and involvement. (limitations may apply)

Our inspection services are paid for either before or at the time of inspection.  You will need to make payment arrangements with us in advance for depositions and potential court appearances.

Typical Problems

Did you use a provided short list of inspectors? These always omit the names of the more thorough, credentialed and experienced inspectors. These aren't the ones' agents may use for their home, family or friends. Everyone knows "the favorite inspector

Were you told to shop for the lowest price? Inspections and inspectors are NOT the same. You can't compare apples to apples in the inspection industry. The experience and talent is not prevalent. The only similarity is the use of a standardized inspection format. Cheap gets you nothing except maybe a pig with lipstick.

You were not told of the importance of attending the whole inspection?
Some inspectors do not want you present. You bother them, may ask a question and cetainly slow them down to get to the next inspection. The upper end professional inspectors agree that one can't do multiple inspections a day and comply with the standard.

Did you get a checklist inspection? In the industry we refer to tham as Checkbox Chimps. The inspection is only limited to the parts your inspector pre-determined were going to be inspected. Nothing more. It offers a volume inspection business model. Homes are not similar so they cannot be pre-determined. Such inspections are questionable as to meeting the required minimum inspection standards.

If you bought a home full of defects you probably didn't have a qualified inspector. The Texas Inspection Standards of Practice are considered nationwide as very broad and detailed. If the inspector was qualified and took the time to inspect you would most likely have a different outlook and less of a surprise.

Home warranties do not apply to the structure and some of the mechanical systems. Those who push warranties know what the limitations are but forget to pass it along. No warranty covers pre-existing problems or appliances clearly near the end of their life or code violations. Home warranties do not cover what you may think they cover. How can a warranty company stay in business warranting old or broken appliances?

ICC/IRC Combination Code Certified R5 Inspector - 5188826
(ICC) Residential Building Inspector
(ICC) Residential Electrical Inspector
(ICC) Residential Mechanical Inspector
(ICC) Residential Plumbing Inspector

Southern Building Code Congress International
SBCCI Combination Code Certified, Legacy

County (IRC) Building Inspections - Texas HB2833

Texas Dept. of Insurance
Residential Property Inspector 16708061031

Texas Real Estate Commission
Professional Inspector

Texas Real Estate Commission
Licensed Continuing Education Instructor for Inspectors 23

Texas Real Estate Commission
Qualified Sponsoring Professional Inspector

Texas Residential Construction Commission Inspector
Combination Code Certified, Dispute Resolution Inspector; Legacy

Texas Professional Real Estate Inspectors Association #435 -MI

Coastal Inspections; Bulkheads, Piers, Docks, Boat Houses

Member of International Association of
Certified Home Inspectors - InterNACHI 

InterNACHI - Certified Property Inspector (CPI)

InterNACHI - Certified Home Energy Inspector


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