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Even A Complying Home Inspection Can Greatly Lower Your Taxable Value

Property tax went screaming high? Well, you should start voting "NO" when it involves money and taxes. There is no free money.

You can significantly lower your property taxable value if you had an experienced inspector because property condition is the fast track way to lower your taxable value right off the top.

The statewide inspection standards of practice is a broad based standard but there may be inspectors that do not know how to inspect (or don't want to as you might not have been their real client). The most effective way to lower the taxable value is probably better in conjunction with a property tax consultant.

More Coming.........later in 2016.

Please do not call unless you are a past client. I do not offer free information or "how to".

Call the real estate inspector that inspected your home. If he/she is trained and knowledgeble and complied with the statewide inspections standards when you bought then you should have little problem.

If you live in Galveston county you can take one of the great seminars (usually the first of May) by the elected county tax assessor at different locations on how to lower your property taxes. If you live out of the county then you can still use the techniques.

Too busy? Work 24 hours a day and 2 jobs? Sorry. Pay your taxes.

*This is not as effective if you live in one of the new build master planned communities as too many homes are similar (i.e. equal basis). What we commonly see is that their are people that are too lazy or too busy to put in the time to lower their taxes.


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