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The electric or natural gas furnace/heater was not inspected because it was 90 degrees outside? Whoa! You were scammed.

There is no such limitation of operation or not inspect in the state minimum inspection standards. Some inspectors might look for any reason to not have to inspect something. If you have had this claim in a inspection report I recommend you call your attorney. You can also file a complaint with the real estate commission. You can also call me for a free evaluation.

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If these defects were not caught by your inspector then please don't compare my inspection or fee to what you didn't get. I don't use or invent a pre-determined checklist inspection which limits the inspection to only those items on it. Look below, that inspection you may have got doesn't look so good after all does it? Does your inspector even know what to look for? You probably hired an inspector thinking they are all the same. Nope, there is a difference between a home inspector and construction inspector. Take the Challenge. Below are just a few examples of basic items that should have been inspected for. (There's plenty more too.)

Flexible air flow ducts observed in contact with each other in attic. Air flow ducts in contact with each other or other insulation board generate sweating to ceilings at the point of contact with each other or other building materials. In need of air separation from contact with each other by strapping up with HVAC nylon strapping material. [ref: IRC M1601.2 factory made ducts; IMC 603.11 pg. 53; CABO 1901.2; SBCCI 606.2.1; “provisions shall be made to prevent the formation of condensation on the exterior of any duct”; TREC 535.230(d)(1).]


Ducts not observed strapped up above ceiling insulation and other building materials. Bottom of ducts noted wet and with water drippage to ceilings from condensation sweating. [ref: IRC M1601.2 factory made ducts; IMC 603.11 pg. 53; CABO 1901.2; SBCCI 606.2.1; “provisions shall be made to prevent the formation of condensation on the exterior of any duct”; TREC 535.230(d)(1).]

Grey flexible air flow ducts were recalled in the 90's due to their deterioration in attic heat. If these ducts are present they should be replaced. [ref: TREC 535.230(d)(1)]


Go look in your attic. If you have these ducts Click here

The air-conditioner primary drain line was not observed fully and continuously through the attic space to a point of termination. Significant water sweats off the uninsulated line to ceilings. [ref: TREC 535.230(b)(2)(E); [Piping Insulation - 308.2.4 - “Chilled condenser water, condensate (drains) and refrigerant piping containing liquids or gases, which would result in the formation of condensation if exposed, shall be suitably insulated to prevent such condensation”and/or ICC/IMC 2402.3 - “refrigerant piping, brine piping and fittings within a building shall be insulated to prevent condensation from forming on piping”. ]

Flue cap to furnace too small and wrong one for the flue pipe. This cap can blow off in the wind and allow rain water directly into the interior of the furnace.


If your inspector doesn't climb your roof or any roof and he knows he doesn't climb roofs he is required to tell you prior to the inspection or as soon as he arrives.

When your inspector doesn't show up with a ladder on his truck then I think you have a problem. It's obvious he should have disclosed to you prior to the inspection he may never climb on roofs to inspect them.

The seller said she had this 2-year old home inspected when she bought. She said the inspector didn't climb on the roof.

A/C condenser observed to be set too close (24-inches) to the gas meter. The condenser is considered an ignition source. This may be a potential fire hazard. [ref: R102.4; utility; TREC 535.230(b)(2)(C)] Some cities require 5 feet clearance; some require 3 feet clearance. The gas company requires 3 feet clearance.


From the gas company



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Limited Offer - One can always call for free advise on a code or property question but for a limited time only if you are within our immediate service area you can get a free 30 minute onsite evaluation if you had your home previously inspected within the last two years and are wondering about what you got or are having problems. No pressure. No sales. If at a later date you need information, an inspection, a second opinion I'm hoping you will call me. *Some limitations apply. (No stucco, no aluminum wiring)


The primary drain line comes out of your evaporator coil and runs to a drain. It should be fully and continuously insulated to where it empties into the building drain line or it will sweat condensation water to ceilings and exacerbate potential organism growths.


Return-air chamber and duct were not observed to be clean, and may be a potential haven for dust mites and/or other contaminants that can compromise air quality. Inasmuch as health is a personal responsibility, you should have the air quality tested and distribution ducts cleaned as a prudent investment in environmental hygiene, and particularly if any family member suffers from allergies or asthma.

This home did not have air filters installed at the wall or ceiling grilles. It relied on an attic installed air filter (aka: media filter). Without a high velocity pre-air filter this return air duct became so nasty that it caused significant HVAC operation problems. If you only rely on a media filter then expect your utility bills to increase, have decreased air flow to rooms and possibly void your equipment warranty.


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